Thursday, June 24, 2010

White Beebalm


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I do remember planting this beebalm many years ago, and it seems like I found it growing somewhere as a wildling. It could have been on the edge of the railroad track. I never did anything else to it except stick it in the ground at the base of this oak tree. That has been many years ago, but see how it has taken care of itself. i think this must be the story of beebalms-they take care of themselves and also they take all land adjoining where they are planted. Many years ago in North Carolina I planted some beautiful red beebalm. It was just gorgeous and fairly well behaved but then it started to spread. It even went out in the grass. It was in full sun and was about 2 feet tall. This white is about the same height but leans a bit toward the sun. the plant you see in the middle of the picture is a native Hydrangea that the deer have missed. Maybe the beebalm has protected it because beebalm has a musty smell. It does show up well with its white flowers in the shade.

I think I will move some of this beebalm into the inhospitable place behind my mailbox in the full sun and see if it can make a place for itself there.

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