Thursday, January 7, 2016

Edgeworthia, Fall Thru Early Winter

During summer Edgeworthia chrysantha is a fairly unremarkable bush. It has large narrow oval medium green leaves and a pleasant enough rounded shape. But in fall, it starts it's show. Elsewhere on the net I've read that it has no fall color, but I think the above picture negates that statement. And the leaves hung on for a long time this year.

Before the leaves drop, the round flower buds start to develop and by the time the plant is bare, its reddish brown smooth stems are sporting buds from all the tips.

The best is yet to come though:the yellow flowers open a few at the time and spread a delightful fragrance all around. Edgeworthia (common name, Paperbush) hails from China and is used to make high quality paper there. It is related to daphane, which is another fragrant winter blooming shrub.
My plant is between 3 and 4 years old and as attained a nice size, although it started as a mere stick, which I paid $25 for, but I am well pleased with it.  You probably won't find this at Lowe's or WalMart, at least not yet and will need to search in regular nurseries or perhaps online.

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