Saturday, March 28, 2015

Gold Hill Plant Farm Today (March 28, 2015)

                Most of the daffodils have passed now but the Narcissus are really glorious this year.

                                        More Narcissus under the Dogwood that is trying to unfold.

                                                               The oaks are blooming.

You never know what surprise you may find! The rooster violets are blooming. They seem to prefer the worst soil and the very place you'd never figure anything could grow. I remember how they used to grow and bloom on a red bank at my Grandmother's house. I have tried them is more hospitable locations but they die out in a year or so.

This shrub is Exochorda or more familiarly, Pearlbush. It blooms earlier than the white spireas but is also a member of the rose family. It roots and grows easily, without special treatment. It hails from China and Central Asia. Occasionally you will see one blooming in abandoned places or the edge of woods. It may be that it reseeds, but not readily enough to be a pest.

Spring Beauty: a diminutive wild bulb plant that greets the first of spring with white faces smeared with a bit of pink rouge.

Every year the thrift around this rock takes a bigger place. I love its cheery fuchsia color, and talk about a plant that takes care of itself and does not mind living in poor soil! It's main requirement seems to be sun.

I can't count on a big beautiful display of tulips , but every year I have a few show up , even with smallish blooms. The main thing that seems to help them rebloom is fertilizer. It would be better if I could remember to fertilize in the fall, but by then they have disappeared underground and I can't find them.


  1. miller time on pineApril 10, 2015 at 5:25 AM

    Great use of description it feels as if it were a garden of my own. Much respect from an educated folk like myself. One question? If a flower that u pulled the root on,sprayed weed killer on and tried to burn kept coming back.wouldn' t U say that u got a good strain and u would want to make that flower not break that flower correct?

  2. Anything that tough is probably an invasive and probably exotic. Think "weeds". The reason we call them weeds is because they grow where we had rather have something else. Thanks for your kind comments.


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