Friday, December 12, 2014

Tecomaria Tree in November

I bought this Tecomaria capensis (Cape Honeysuckle) in the fall of 2013 and carried it through the winter in the greenhouse. In spring I planted it outside. It produced a few halting blooms a time or two in the summer, but really put on a show this fall. When that unexpectedly hard frost came in November, it was burned all the way back. I still hold out hope that it may put out from the ground next year.
Tecomarias can be trained as a standard like this one but left to their own devices will become vine-like and root easily where they touch the ground. They are native to South Africa and bloom in Florida in winter  where they have escaped cultivation. They are of the Bignoniaceae family, related to our trumpet creeper. The flowers are very similar. They need full sun, good drainage, and regular water to do their best.

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