Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Morning Glories

My morning glories are beautiful right now. I have them growing in a couple of pots on the stoop so they can twine around the railing. I have two colors of the picotee (with the white edge on the petals), a blue shown above and also a pink. I saved these seed from last year, so it is possible that the pink is the result of out crossing or some other sort of gene mixing. But regardless, it is pretty.

I enjoy having them so close to where I go in and out numbers of times every day, and have noticed that they open in the early evening and stay open til it warms up or the sun gets on them the next day. Somehow I never knew that. I guess I thought they opened at 6AM or something! This night blooming habit tells me they are probably pollinated by a moth(s).
The leaf color on these morning glories is a light green, almost lime green. I would think it was a fertilizer problem, except they were the same color last year--and I have been fertilizing them. The pots have several plants each, so they usually require water every day.

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