Monday, June 30, 2014

Blueberries Are In!

I've been picking blueberries for the last several days.  I go out early ,before the sun gets to the bushes, and most mornings they are hanging with drops of dew or rain. I get wet picking, but a little water never hurt anyone and it's cooler then than it will be the rest of the day. I usually spend a good bit of my picking time thinking about my mother-in-law and the wonderful cheesecake-like dessert she used to make and call Blueberry Doodle.
Last year I pruned my blueberry bushes, cutting out about a third of the stems. Looks like I have more berries this year than ever.
I thought for a time that I was not going to have to share the bounty with the other critters, but I just had not waited long enough. I have started to see berries with bird pecks taken out of them. And worse-- the squirrels have discovered them. They not only eat them, but knock a lot of them off onto the ground (and they don't bother to pick them up either... they leave that to me). Luckily, there are enough for all of us. And I still have blueberries frozen from last year. So I am trying to give away and eat up the fresh crop.

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