Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Limb Down in Driveway

This morning we were greeted with a huge limb down in the driveway, blocking us in. These huge old oaks in our yard are susceptible to loosing limbs, particularly this time of year. The weight of new leaves, combined with the rain hanging on the leaves just gets to be too much for old , and in this case rotted limbs. There was only about an inch of living tissue surrounding this limb. All the rest of the interior was either rotten or hollow.

The photo below shows where one of the 2 main branches forming the top broke out.

Luckily, I have a neighbor (Isaac) with a skidder, and he came right over and pulled it out into the edge of the woods. He did in a matter of minutes what would have taken all day or longer with a chain saw and pickup. I really did not have any idea what this machine could do, but it rolled right over the top of this huge limb, breaking it up. He hooked chains to the limbs, and away they went!
It took me twice as long to move the sticks and leaves that were left as it took him and the machine to move the huge limb.

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