Thursday, February 20, 2014

Daffodils Leaping out

 The last couple days have been extremely warm, but I was still surprised by how fast things moved along. I had no idea the daffodils were ready to bloom. This morning when I looked out side there were patches of yellow all around where the daffodils had already opened. The crocus had been open for a while, peeping over the brown leaves and around brave stray blades of grass. But really, the crocus were amazed this morning when they opened their eyes to sunny daffodils.

 Some tight pointed daffodils have not opened yet, but it won't be long, especially if these temperatures keep up.
                                                    Daffodils tower over the fairy house .

Though the Arum italicum's variegated leaves look lovely at the feet of the daffodils, I could never recommend planting it . Once you have it, you will have it forever. It is impossible to get rid of and ever year seems to grow thicker so that it crowds other things out.

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