Monday, April 8, 2013

Kudzu Bugs (Megacopta cribraria)

I made a disturbing discovery . Those kudzu bugs that were first seen in Georgia in 2009, are now here, in my yard, in Gold Hill, Alabama. Which is not that far away from Georgia. For a week or so before I spied these clusters on my Buckeye bushes, I had seen single ones flying around and perched . I had read about these new invasives and I got a positive identification from my favorite entomologist.. It would seem that any bug that eats Kudzu would be good to have. And well it would be, if that's all it ate. Unfortunately, it also likes soybeans and other members of the legume family. In farming country this could be a disaster. The entomologist told me the bugs probably would not bother my buckeye that much, but suggested I keep an eye out if I planted any garden beans.

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