Friday, February 1, 2013


This is one of the numerous species of Dendrobium orchids. The flowers are quite different from others I have grown. This one does not have a name tag (except for Dendrobium), so I have grown it using as near the same culture I use on other members of the species. Dendrobiums grow best on the dry side , which is difficult to do when they are potted in straight unmilled sphagnum moss. My policy with this one has been never to deliberately water it. In the greenhouse this means that sometimes it gets accidentally sprayed so it does get water. I had intended to repot it in a better mix, but it is apparently thriving as it is blooming now after several months of this treatment.
If you purchase an orchid that is in straight unmilled sphagnum, don't water it at all til after it finishes blooming . Then repot it into some better medium. I wonder how companies that grow them deal with the watering of plants that need to be dry but are potted in something that will stay soggy wet for weeks.
Other than a quick draining potting media, the plants need lots of bright light, Fertilize when other plants are fertilized, and warmth (best 75-85 degrees F and about 10 degrees cooler at night). However they are quite tolerant and will not die if your growing situation is warmer or cooler  than this range.

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