Monday, December 19, 2011

My Back Porch Xmas Tree

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This is my back porch Christmas tree. I had one last year and enjoyed it so much I decided to do it again. I do not have many decorations on it except for lights. I want it to be a joy, not a chore. It is right outside the back door so I can see it when I sit at the computer or the dining table. It does not dry out as bad either since it is not inside the dry house. I have a lot of ornaments for the inside tree, some very old and fragile, many made by the kids when they were small, some we made when we were first married. I would not want to expose them to the weather on the porch, but I do like to go through them and look at them each year. as the kids have developed their own lives, they seem less interested in the tree. maybe it is because they have less time at home. But I miss the decorating and the admiring of the old ornaments that used to go on all day. Things change, and some things need to change, but probably not forgetting where you have been in your journey. Remembering keeps you real, makes you more tolerant of others, not so insistent on your own way, helps you to understand that you can survive a lot of things that at the time felt deadly, but now barely leaves a scar.

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