Saturday, June 4, 2011

Japanese Beetles Arrive

Yesterday I had to send out the Beetle Patrol. They were eating like crazy on my Evening Primrose and it was practically in a lace petticoat when I found them. I take a bucket, add an inch or two of water, and a squirt of dish liquid. I take hold of the plant, hold the bucket under it and and give a little shake. The beetles natural response is to let go and drop off, thus escaping. Unfortunately for them, when they hit that soapy water, they drown. I smile. The only thing more satisfying in dealing with these voracious eaters is squishing them where they munch. I gave up on spraying years ago. The bucket method is more efficient,less time consuming,and fewer get away.  First of all, it is poison and I feel like the less use of that, the better. Secondly, it just does not kill as many or as quickly as this mechanical method.
Oh, yes, leave them in the bucket at least overnight. You do not want them to revive!

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